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2034-B Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102…Contemporary Eastlake Townhome Looking For New Owner! Update: New Owner Found. Sold!

Modern, easy and elegant with three en suite bedrooms, vaulted ceilings and sophisticated finishes. Oh, and all the views you can use! Quality constructed in 2009 -- as good as it looks! Just turn the key and start living. Offered for $525,000. Open House Saturday, March … [Read more...]

This Is What Happy Looks Like in Seattle’s Green Lake!

Our congratulations to Ruth Hartmann on receiving keys to her first home. Wishing you every happiness, Ruth -- we adore you (and your new home). All the best!   … [Read more...]

Not A Typo or An Error — List Price: $230,000! Sold (Multiple Offers)! 3204 NE 167th Street, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155.

Put Your Imagination Into Overdrive! Seller leaves behind 47 years of memories in this well loved corner home in Lake Forest Park. This is YOUR moment, a unique opportunity to take control of your creative vision and design your future. Formal entry, large kitchen, 3 … [Read more...]

Seattle Single Women and Home Ownership: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

This may sound crazy, but it may be the best tip I have for single women interested in attracting a partner -- buy a home. No, you won't attract a freeloader (well, you might, but that's not the point). By purchasing a home you are making a statement that you are capable, … [Read more...]

Seattle Home Buyer Gets Her Dream House!

"I'm crying. I can't believe you two were so determined to make it happen. So grateful I have you. And thank you so much for helping me be there. It'll always be a little bit your house too now. You'll have to come over and celebrate when I move in!!!! I love you … [Read more...]

Seattle…Love Thy Neighbor (Or At Least Talk To Them If You’re Buying The House Next Door)!

There's a Jewish Proverb that says "Ask about your neighbors, then buy the house." This is advice worth taking for myriad of reasons. Meeting the neighbors will give you a good idea of whether you will be compatible. But perhaps even more importantly, neighbors will disclose … [Read more...]

Seattle Confessions from One Half of Dynamic Duo.

I don't cook. I never got the skills or had the interest in learning them. In eighth grade girls were required to take Home Economics. It was the only course I ever flunked. The kitchen remains an alien space for me. It's another room to decorate, where I boil water for … [Read more...]

Seattle’s Emerald City Shines. Here’s Why.

Seattle is a city defined by water. No, not the rain. Contrary to popular belief, it's not always raining in Seattle -- it actually rains more in Atlanta, Boston, Miami, and New York. The water that defines Seattle are the rivers, lakes and canals that adorn the city's steep … [Read more...]

Seattle Real Estate. Happiness Begets Happiness.

This just in from the Relocation Seller of this gorgeous Capitol Hill home (which sold in multiple offers)! "This has been a super process, from your enthusiasm to your professionalism. From paying attention to the big things as well as small. From communicating clearly … [Read more...]

Seattle’s Awesome. Where To Go…What To Do!

Things To Do In Seattle! Whatever you do in Seattle, the backdrop is breathtaking scenery. From the water to the mountains, looking out or looking in, Seattle's charm and beauty will take your breath away. Be careful if you're a visitor...many tourists come back to … [Read more...]