Seattle Single Women and Home Ownership: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

This may sound crazy, but it may be the best tip I have for single women interested in attracting a partner — buy a home. No, you won’t attract a freeloader (well, you might, but that’s not the point). By purchasing a home you are making a statement that you are capable, financially secure and not waiting for someone else to rescue or complete you. That combination makes you VERY attractive to a prospective partner.Sold Sign

My parent’s discouraged me from buying property believing that a man would come into the picture and make that piece happen (“first comes love, then comes marriage…”). There was an “order” for how these things were supposed to happen.  It didn’t look like that in my world.  Much to my mother’s chagrin, when I had enough money and the opportunity, I purchased my first home. Love entered the building soon after.

For the last 16 years working as a Realtor, I have repeatedly witnessed this phenomenon of women buying homes on their own and finding their true love shortly thereafter. It’s not THE reason to buy a house, of course, but if you’re single it’s another compelling reason to stop waiting for the fairy tale white knight to appear and create your own future (plus you’ll have all the financial benefits of home ownership and the advantage of today’s historic low interest rates!).

By taking your life into your own hands, navigating through the complex (and sometimes scary) process of buying and then creating your home, you will stretch, grow and be more whole than when you started the journey. That alone is good stuff. But if you’re hoping to complete the picture by being in love, don’t be surprised if it comes knocking at your door once you stop looking for that white knight and put your own stake in the real estate market. – Ricklie

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