Seattle’s Emerald City Shines. Here’s Why.

Sunny Seattle

Seattle is a city defined by water. No, not the rain. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always raining in Seattle — it actually rains more in Atlanta, Boston, Miami, and New York. The water that defines Seattle are the rivers, lakes and canals that adorn the city’s steep green hills, creating communities of distinction all along the water’s edge. From floating homes to stately mansions, funky fishing boats to posh yacht clubs — all exist side by side.

Magazines including “Fortune” and “Money” rate Seattle as one of the best places to live and work in America. The city is a blend of urban sophistication and easygoing charm with access to spectacular outdoor recreation. Whether your passion is fishing, boating, skiing, hiking or golfing, it’s all within a short drive from Seattle.

So, what makes Seattle so great? The people. Visitors say everyone here is “very nice”, but the answer to why Seattle is so great is more complex than that. It’s about diversity.

The city has a vibrant and diverse ethnic mix and the rich cultures and communities that arise from this wonderful diversity contribute greatly to Seattle’s charm. It’s also about Seattle’s unique culture of pioneers. Ours is a prime geographic location poised at the brink of global trade. Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, PACCAR trucks, Nordstrom, Nintendo — these are just a few of the local companies that have become successful global icons for quality and service.

Wondering about the weather? If you don’t like extreme heat or cold, Seattle is perfect. The average daily temperature runs between 44-59 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, there are many days where the skies are misty and gray, but we also get our fair share of sun. And when we do, Seattleites become even “nicer”! The climate has a distinct impact on the Seattle culture. The Emerald City’s overcast days and long winter nights have made it a haven for film lovers and book readers. Hollywood often tests films in Seattle and residents’ per-capita book purchases are among the country’s highest.

Unlike many American cities, Seattle has a vibrant downtown. The neighborhoods surrounding the core of the city are among the most desirable in which to live. Each is distinct with its own identity and character. The hills and bodies of water that exist in almost every direction provide plentiful views and waterfront homes. We work throughout Greater Seattle and are ready to serve you in exploring the various neighborhoods to find your place in the Emerald City.

Seattle is everything you’ve ever heard about it and more. If you haven’t been here, come. If you live here, like us, you’ll be grateful.

Seattle is truly a wonderful city to live, work and play. If we can help you find your place in the Pacific Northwest, we’d love the opportunity to be of service and to provide you with THE RESULTS YOU NEED.

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